Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Frank is our second case that we treated with stem cells.  Frank is a 3 year old pug who has severe hip dysplasia.  He already has arthritis in his hips and is showing signs related to pain.  His owner wanted to be very proactive about his hips and chose to treat him at an early age.  Here are her comments about Frank:

“When I adopted Frank (a happy 2 year old pug) in September of 2009 I was extremely excited. He is my first dog and Frank2when I brought him home I knew I wanted to do everything right for him.  So when my family found out that Frank had severe hip dysplasia, we decided to do our research and pick a treatment that would be best for him. We had a consultation for hip surgery but it seemed like a painful and harsh procedure. It was also very costly. Almost immediately after our consultation Olathe Animal Hospital informed us of a seminar they were holding about regenerative stem cell therapy for dogs with joint issues. We decided to try the stem cell treatment because it seemed like a less painful and less invasive procedure with a shorter and easier recovery time. In early March, Frank had his procedure and everything went great. The physical therapy was easy for me to conduct in home and Frank was a very willing participant. After about 60 days we can see a clear difference in his energy, mobility, and stamina.

“Before Frank’s stem cell therapy he was unable to walk for more than half a mile and he never ran. He also frequently displayed  pain if he sat in the same position for too long. He would often hop on three legs, favoring his hind left leg. Frank was also unable to scratch his chin or neck with his back leg because of the pain in his hips.  Now Frank is able to walk 2-4 miles a day. When we let him out in the backyard he runs just for fun. I have never seen him run so much before and it makes me smile everytime to see him enjoy it so much.  He no longer favors his back leg and hasn’t shown any signs of pain since the procedure.  Frank can also now reach his chin with his back leg to enjoy a nice scratch.  The regenerative stem cell therapy has exceeded  my expectations and it has only been two and a half months. In my opinion, stem cell therapy has made it possible for Frank to enjoy every aspect of being a dog.  This is a great alternative treatment for animals with joint problems.  I recommend this treatment to anyone who wants to see great results and has a few extra minutes for physical therapy everyday!”

As you can see, Frank is now enjoying life very much!


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