Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Maddy was our fourth recipient of stem cell therapy.  Maddy, a black lab, was 11 years old at the time of her treatment (April 2010).  She suffers from severe arthritis in her left knee, left hip, and right elbow.  We experienced some setbacks with her treatment, including FedEx mis-routing the package (they accidentally routed it for 3-day delivery instead of overnight), which resulted in far fewer cells being available for treatment. Instead of treating all affected joints, we only had enough cells to treat her right elbow, left knee, and do an IV injection. Following treatment, she became acutely lame in her left knee, and she had to undergo knee surgery to repair a torn ACL. At that time, she was treated again with an injection into her knee and another IV injection. We were surprised to see that follow-up xrays indicated delayed healing, which was very disappointing. Maddy started doing physical therapy in September, and all-in-all she’s doing okay. She also takes Rimadyl, joint supplements, and receives Adequan injections to help with her arthritis.


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