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In Memoriam

August 6, 2010 by  
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Cooper SimmonsCooper’s owner wrote this beautiful eulogy for their 10-year old kitty after we helped him peacefully pass on.

ODE: Life with Cooper
Cooper was a good ole’ cat,
But everyone was not convinced of that.
Cooper shared his love with only a chosen few,
If you were on his list you surely knew.
From most he just ran and hid,
Especially if you were only a kid.
He considered any soft place his personal bed,
On my favorite chair his hair he’d shed.
Cooper would sleep most of the day,
Then at night he would just run and play.
You could hear him sliding on our wooden floors,
And often he’d crash into walls and doors.
I guess I’ve left out an important part,
Just how Cooper actually got his start.
At first he was our Nikki’s college pet,
If the rottweillers hadn’t come he might be yet.
But at about the young age of two,
Something happened I’d never planned to do.
Cooper came to live with us,
I didn’t like it, but I didn’t fuss.
Kathy loved that cat and he loved her,
She’d call his name and you could hear him purr.
The rest of us he could take or leave,
At least that’s what he wanted you to believe.
Over the years he mellowed a lot,
And a little more out-going he finally got.
I guess he was the best at bedtime each night,
When up to our room you could hear him take flight.
He’d wait till we settled then jump on our bed,
He might settle at my feet or near Kathy’s head.
His stay was just brief he had other things to do,
He’d return several times before the night was through.
I guess I’ve often thought Cooper was crazy,
And he no doubt was extremely lazy.
But I grew to love him over the years,
And as I write this I hold back the tears.
There was no doubt he loved Kathy the best,
She’ll miss him the most as he’s put to rest.
One day we’ll get another cat I’ll insist,
Cooper won me over when I made his list.
If cats go to heaven I’m sure Cooper will be there,
Running and sliding on streets of gold without a single care.
And if cats go to heaven, I think that will be super,
Then one day again, we can see our friend Cooper.

Freddie Simmons 06/01/10



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