Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Apollo is our fifth stem cell recipient.  He is a two year old Saint Bernard with hip dysplasia.  He was treated with injections into each of his hips and an IV injection (July 2010).  Apollo came in for his first recheck exam recently and is doing very well.  According to his owner, he seems to be able to get up and down easier at home.  We are hopeful that this will help him lead a long, pain free life.

Update:  Apollo came in for his 90 day follow up appointment and is doing very well.  His owner states that he gets up and down much quicker than he ever has, and chases his doggy brother around the back yard regularly.  He still has a very subtle change in his gait, but it is has improved significantly from his initial exam.

Apollo enjoying playing fetch!

Latest update (March 2011):  Apollo’s owner had the following to say about Apollo:  “Apollo is still doing well.  He continues to get up and down quickly, even on the coldest days this winter.

He is very playful and is always chasing squirrels and T-Bone (my other dog).”


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