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In Memoriam: Maggie

August 27, 2010 by  
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The following is shared on behalf of Maggie’s owner, Ellen, who wrote this article.

In Memory of “Maggie”

Clearwater Lashes Maggie UDX. AX, AXJ, TDX

May 4, 1996 – August 12, 2010

Maggie came to live with us from Idaho while we were living in Alaska. When I picked her up from Alaska Air cargo, she was screaming to get out of the crate.  She loved living in Alaska hiking on the trails both in the summer and the winter.  She never appreciated the move to the Kansas when she was five years old.  She hated the hot summers.

Maggie was my Novice A dog.  I learned to love obedience through her.  We got off to a slow start in her obedience career due to a limited number of trials in Alaska and needing ACL surgery in both knees when she was two years old after too much jumping in drifted snow.  She got her CD and CDX in Alaska and then we moved to Kansas.  Just prior to moving she got certified with Delta Society as a pet partner.  We helped second graders in Paola that were having difficulty reading and then she had a couple hospice patients she visited.

Maggie was a lot of fun on the agility course.  She was nicknamed “tank” by a good friend because of the force with which she slammed in to the A-frame.  I had to be sure to get out of her way while running or she would surely take me out as she bulldozed around the course.  After completing her excellent titles in agility I stopped showing her in agility to save her knees to finish her obedience titles.  Maggie showed me how hard Utility is and especially how agonizing it can be for some dogs and their owners to get a Utility Dog Excellent (UDX) title.

Once we were done with obedience in 2005 I decided to teach my old dog (9 years old) tracking.  I enjoyed her slow methodical pace.  One week before her tracking test in the Fall of 2005 she was playing and herniated a disc in her back.  The vet chiropractor said she was fine to walk, so that next weekend she pulled me down the track faster than she ever had.  I was trotting behind her for the first time and she passed in fine style.  The next couple of months we thought for sure we were going to lose her because her back was getting worse, but I kept taking her for walks and then in the summer she swam often.  She just got better and better.  Then in Fall of 2007 she was really bored, so I decided to teach her Tracking Dog Excellent (TDX) work.  I tried in the Spring of 2008 to get her in to tests, but was unlucky.  Then in the Fall of 2008 at her first TDX test, she passed at the age of 12 ½ years old.

Maggie was a social butterfly.  She always wanted to greet people and be there for them.  If someone was not feeling well, she sensed it and would go lay by them.

We will miss our beloved “Fur Ball”.

–Ellen, Leo and Jazz



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