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Exotic Pet of the Week

September 16, 2010 by  
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This is Caesar, a 13-year old male Blue & Gold Macaw. Dr. Burcham performed a wellness exam on him earlier this week, because his new owner wants to make sure he’s healthy, especially since she has another blue & gold macaw at home. Other than some long, razor-sharp toenails, he looked to be in good shape, which is especially remarkable, considering the home his new owner rescued him from kept him tethered to a tree outside! We’re happy Heather found him and took him in, and we especially enjoyed meeting him. Even after wrapping him up in a towel, dremmeling his toenails, trimming his wings, and drawing his blood, he was still the happiest-go-luckiest bird and very friendly! Routine blood work helps establish a baseline of normal for an individual bird, which can be invaluable at a time of illness. It also allows us to observe trends, when performed on an annual basis, that may alert us to an underlying problem.


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