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Dentistry Spotlight

October 8, 2010 by  
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Biggie is a 10-year old cat, adopted about 5 years ago. Dr. Peuser examined her because her owners were concerned about a patch of hair loss on her back, which she licked excessively. When he looked in her mouth, he could see some serious problems with her teeth. As it turned out, Biggie had “resorptive lesions” in her teeth, which is an extremely painful condition.  We scheduled her for a dental procedure.

During her procedure, several painful lesions were identified, and the teeth involved had to be removed. The good news is, she is feeling so much better as a result of having the painful teeth extracted. Her owner remarked, “She’s doing GREAT. She seems like a totally different cat, very happy now!  I haven’t seen her roll around on her back and purr for many years!” At her recheck exam, the hair on her back is growing back! We suspect she had been licking herself excessively as a displacement behavior due to the pain in her mouth.

Cats can’t tell us when they’re in pain, but regular wellness exams with our veterinarians can help prevent and detect problem areas, such as resorptive lesions in the teeth.



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  1. christina says:

    my italian greyhound had the same lesions in his mouth.By the time he was 3 years old,and 4 major jaw surgeries, all but the two front canines were left. He was in severe pain and his teeth bled out and crumbled like glass. Now 2 years later, Our veterinarian had to take ot one of those canines. Marcelino is down to just one tooth BUT is out of pain!
    teeth photos from my dog grooming clients can be found here as well as my own dog’s resorptive lesions photos. I brush all of my dogs’ teeth every night before bed…

    owner of “Louies Bath House” mobile dog grooming in New jersey.

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