Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Breeanna is our latest stem cell recipient.  She is a five year old mixed breed dog who is owned by one of our technicians.  On September 17th, 2010, she was treated for bilateral hip dysplasia.  This included injections in both of her hips and an IV injection.

Prior to treatment her biggest problems were her reluctance to jump and play.  As a younger dog, she would play fetch all day long.  As she has gotten a bit older, she has slowed down much more than her age would suggest.  She is very reluctant to jump into the car, and also exhibits moderate signs of lameness.  At her 30 day progress exam, she already shows some improvement in her degree of lameness, and her owner is happy to report she is playing much more now!

Update March 2011: Breeanna’s range of motion and pain levels decreased at her 60 day progress exam and even more at her 90 day exam.  Her owner is happy to report that she continues to jump more, play fetch longer, and can jump into the car easily.  She no longer has to take any pain medications!


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