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Puppy kisses and other reasons I love being a vet at Olathe Animal Hospital

November 18, 2010 by  
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I keep a file (Word document) on my desktop entitled, “Why I love my job”. I can’t remember when/why I started it, but I have added to it here and there over the years. It’s my way of reminding myself what I’m thankful for.

Why I love my job:

  1. Being able to discuss cases with another doctor or two about interesting things I’ve seen (or they’ve seen).
  2. I like being able to see lots of birds–I love birds! Having Beak ‘n Wings and Operation Wildlife as clients increases this case load, and we get a lot of referrals.
  3. LOVE the great clients. I have started a folder to keep pictures of some of my favorites (yes, I have favorites)–maybe someday when I’m old and confined to a bed, I can look back at these pictures and recall happy memories.
  4. Working with a team of people who also love their job and want to help each other AND help animals. I love seeing nurses and receptionists bonding with clients/patients and developing “favorites”. When someone loves their job, it shows.
  5. The improvements we have made and continue to make, often as a result of the goal-setting we do at our annual staff retreat, such as: getting a Bair Hugger, EKG monitor, endoscope, ultrasound, performing epidurals for all orthopedic procedures, advanced pain management including CRIs, offering puppy and kitten classes, Angel Fund, CE, replacing the courtyard pavement with heated pavement, lots of computer workstations, more printers, expanded parking lot for our staff. We are open to new ideas and treatments. We are always striving to provide the best care possible for our patients.
  6. The fact that we are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). I knew before graduating from vet school in 2004 that I wanted to work for an AAHA-accredited practice, because I knew it meant the practice had a commitment to providing the best standard of care. All vet students hear horror stories of graduating with this immense and exciting wealth knowledge, only to have it crushed by working at a hospital that emphasized high-volume, low-cost veterinary care. Such an approach doesn’t allow for complete work-up of cases and employs “shot-gun medicine”–not good for the patient, and very frustrating and discouraging for the practicing veterinarian.
  7. We get to have an annual staff retreat, which is always awesome! Also got to go to baseball game as a “family”.
  8. I get licked in the face by a puppy pretty much every day.
  9. I’m always learning something new. No two days are alike!
  10. I’m able to help both people and animals. In vet school, I struggled with the question of whether I should consider a future in human medicine rather than animals, because my desire to help other people felt so overwhelming. I’m glad I didn’t pursue a future in human medicine–I’m still able to help people in a very important way, but animal patients are (usually) much less demanding and easier to work with. (I said usually!)


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  1. I really like your post as well. I look forward to reading more in the future!

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