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Enticing cats to drink more water

March 16, 2011 by  
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For many medical conditions, increasing the amount of water that cats drink is an important part of treatment.  However, many cats don’t drink regularly and it can be very difficult to get them to change this behavior.  The following list is a compilation of ideas and tricks to get cats to increase their fluid intake.

  • Feed canned food or add water to dry food
  • Feed more frequent meals: feeding three times per day increases water intake vs. feeding twice daily
  • Drinking from the faucet, licking water off of the shower floor, or drinking from cups or glasses of water
  • Flavor the water by adding any of the following: tuna juice, low sodium chicken or beef broth, or clam juice.  All of these can be frozen into ice cubes and added to the water
  • Regular ice in the water bowl may increase interest in water as well
  • Water bowl characteristics: broad and shallow, round vs. square, circulating water fountains, multiple bowls in multiple locations
  • Change water frequently – once or twice daily

Individual cats will have different preferences and different things may stimulate them to drink more water.  Try each of these things one at a time or numerous things at once to see what your cat prefers.  Good luck!


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