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Wing Trims

December 8, 2009 by  
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Not all bird owners want their birds’ wings trimmed, and that’s perfectly okay! In some situations, we feels it’s best to NOT trim the wings. However, when it is time to trim your birds wings, keep in mind the following points:

  • Trim both wings equally.
  • Trim each feather individually (ie don’t just cut 10 feathers in one fell-swoop of the scissors!), and cut the shaft high enough that the cut edge will be covered by the overlying covert feathers. We can show you what we mean by this the next time you come in.
  • Do NOT trim blood feathers (identified by the dark, blood-filled shaft)
  • If there are one or more blood feathers present, try to leave another feather next to it uncut. This offers some protection for the fragile blood feather.
  • Remember: the goal is to allow your bird to coast safely to the ground. We don’t want “lift” and we don’t want to “drop like a rock”!


Our recommended species-specific trims

  • Cockatiels & Budgies – 7-10 feathers
  • African Grays & Amazons – 2-3 feathers
  • Macaws & Cockatoos – 5-7 feathers

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