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Intestinal Parasites and Heartworms

December 13, 2009 by  
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Also known as ascarids, these parasites live in the small intestines of affected dogs, and the infective eggs are shed in the feces. Can cause GI upset, gas, and diarrhea.


These dangerous, blood-sucking parasites live in the small intestines of affected dogs and can cause severe anemia due to blood loss. Stools may be loose and dark.


Most commonly associated with diarrhea in affected dogs, this parasite lives in the large intestines.


Harmless but unsightly, these rice-like segments are seen under the tail. Dogs become infected by ingesting fleas.


Single-celled protozoal organisms often associated with diarrhea in puppies that have consumed contaminated water. As the immune system matures, the body can resist infection.


Another common protozoal organism that can cause diarrhea and GI upset.


Transmitted by mosquitoes, all dogs are at risk of this fatal disease. To prevent infection, protect your dog with monthly heartworm prevention, such as Heartgard Plus or Interceptor, year-round, every year. A safe and effective alternative to monthly dosing is ProHeart 6, an injectable preventative that lasts for six months. Ask us for details!

*These parasites are zoonotic, which means people can become infected too! Use common sense: to reduce risk, dispose of feces and wash hands.


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