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Microchip HomeAgainWe recommend having your dog or cat microchipped, which serves as permanent identification. If lost and turned into a shelter or vet office, the pet would be scanned with a chip reader, which easily picks up a number that corresponds to your name and phone number.  Olathe Animal Hospital uses HomeAgain microchips. Be sure to enroll your pet in HomeAgain’s membership service, which has many benefits, including up to $3000 lost pet medical insurance. ANY microchip can be enrolled in this service. If you choose to purchase a PetFirst comprehensive policy, you can be reimbursed for up to $60 for fees including microchipping, account set up, and annual membership. Call our office for more information about pricing.

It is very important to remember to register your microchip with your current contact information.  If you move to a new location, don’t forget to update your current contact information with the microchip company.  If your pet gets lost and the microchip is not registered, or your contact information is not current, it may not be possible to reunite you with your pet.  At Olathe Animal Hospital, we handle the initial registration for you, giving you one less thing to worry about!

Go to the AAHA Microchip Lookup Tool


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