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Adequan® Canine

December 13, 2009 by  
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Adequan® Canine is the only FDA approved disease modifying osteoarthritis drug available.  It has been clinically proven to be safe and effective.  Adequan®Canine contains an injectable glycosaminoglycan. Adequan can greatly help dogs with arthritis Glycosaminoglycans are components of many types of connective tissue, including cartilage.  These not only help prevent the breakdown of cartilage within your pet’s joints, but can actually help repair small defects in the cartilage as well.  First, it binds to damaged cartilage to stop further damage from occurring.  Second, it decreases the activity of enzymes that break down cartilage.  Third, it stimulates the cells within the cartilage and joint lining to start producing more connective tissue and hyaluronic acid, an important lubricant in the joint.  All of this adds up to a more comfortable pet.

Adequan®Canine is given as intramuscular (IM) injections twice a week for four weeks.  After this initial treatment period, we recommend to repeat injections every 30 to 60 days as needed.  Your dog will typically start to show signs of increased pain or lameness, letting you know that it is time for another injection.  If your dog is painful on day 30, then we recommend injections every 27 or 28 days.  Call or email us if you would like more information, or to schedule your dog’s first injection.  Together we can work towards keeping your pet as comfortable as possible!


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